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WordPress Tip: My WordPress Quick Start Guide — Now Available on the WordPress Codex

Apr 29, 2008 • blogging, general, wordpress

I wrote a WordPress Quick Start Guide in wiki format and posted it on the WordPress Codex. Check it out here:

This guide gives you a quick introduction to the most important tasks and concepts in WordPress. It divides these tasks and concepts into five sections, outlined below:

Get Set Up

2 Create Content

3 Style Your Site

4 Add More Functionality

5 Understand the Code More

I wrote the guide because I've felt, for some time now, that the WordPress Codex is too massive to be useful for anything more than reference information. There needs to be a shorter, more concise way of getting up to speed with WordPress.

I think my basic organization and content is okay, but the wiki format is challenging. It looks quite long, it's not too printer friendly (although you can print it), and there aren't any images (which means it's not very visually attractive). Writing in wiki format is hard (easy to write, hard to make look professional).

If you have any suggestions for how I might improve the Quick Start Guide, let me know. Actually, if you want to get involved as a WordPress Codex author/editor, see Contributing to WordPress. After you register for an account and log in, and then change the skin to Monobook, you'll see an Edit button you can click to edit the wiki content. I'd love if it some of you out there actually edited this guide.

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Subscriber count: 4,300

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