6 thoughts on “EServer TC Library: The Most Popular Technical Communication Website in the World

  1. Rahel B

    The TC Library is a fabulous source of information. I particularly like it because as I’m doing my search for a specific piece of information, I stumble across other bits and pieces that I would never had otherwise sought out or located.

    This is an example of something being done right – no gatekeeping or “moderating” (otherwise known as censoring), probably because it’s a project not committee-driven. The rating process is a great balance, but also allows for other materials to be included. After all, there is bound to be someone who needs “just that thing” that others may not approve of.

    Let’s hope that Geoff continues to run this for a v-e-r-y long time.

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  4. inox

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  5. Elene Ostroot

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