Day 8 Cartoon [The Twelve Days of Christmas in June Giveaway]

The caption contest today is for a free copy of Dr. Explain. (Note: Originally, today’s scheduled prize was Screensteps rather than Dr. Explain, but I had to switch prizes around due to the fact that a previous winner already had Dr. Explain.) I hope you’re not getting tired of captions. We still have four more days.

Cartoon by Ben Minson. For full details about the giveaway, see this post.

Madcap FlareAdobe Robohelp

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By Tom Johnson

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43 thoughts on “Day 8 Cartoon [The Twelve Days of Christmas in June Giveaway]

  1. melvyn

    This SME wasn’t taking any chances of being caught without having completed his review.

  2. Tommy Curnyn

    If he was being honest, Ted had to admit that he didn’t really understand when the boss told him to monitor overhead.

  3. Adam

    “Hahaha, hold it together… it’s only 4:55 pm on Friday, the software scope just changed, making my entire week of work obsolete…but I’m fine, seriously I am.. hahaha…groan”

  4. Curt Hunter

    I can’t stand the suspense! Did I win Day 6? Who did? Did anyone? Did I imagine that caveman? Maybe I am a caveman! That’s it! Wahahaha! I am in my cave! Ugh! Wahahahahahaaaaa…!

  5. Susan Lunn

    His company’s adoption of the Agile development methodology sorely tested Bruce’s coping skills.

  6. Harry Crick

    Mark’s boss called him a superhero for completing the project under budget and ahead of schedule, but Mark took the compliment literally.

  7. Sean Ercanbrack

    Caught in the wild: The volunteer in charge of fixing the STC’s financial problems.

  8. Sean Ercanbrack

    Jack’s boss didn’t need the new Occupational Outlook Handbook acknowledgment to know that technical writers are distinct…

  9. Sean Ercanbrack

    John’s out of box experience with outsourced documentation was less than ideal…

  10. Hunter

    “…and then I told him
    ‘Yeah, all the screenshots have to change because the logo has been made-over. Ships tomorrow.’
    Oh man, you shoulda sen his face. I got him good.”

    “Wel, where is he now?”

    “You know, I haven’t seen him since the punchline.”

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