Cartoon 12 [The Twelve Days of Christmas Giveaway]

The winner of this caption contest, the final day of the contest, receives a free copy of Author-it. Good luck. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading or participating in these captions throughout the last couple of weeks. I’ll be compiling all the cartoons with the winning captions below them in an upcoming post.

Cartoon by Ben Minson. For full details about the giveaway, see this post.

Madcap FlareAdobe Robohelp

By Tom Johnson

I'm a technical writer working for the 41st Parameter in San Jose, California. I'm interested in topics related to technical writing, such as visual communication, API documentation, information architecture, web publishing, JavaScript, front-end design, content strategy, Jekyll, and more. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

  • Roxie

    Boss, Bob said you told him to just dress up the old help, so he sent us right over….

  • Jody

    Hi, you ordered a costume help solution?

  • Jody

    Prototypes for a post-Clippy world.

    • Tom

      Jody, I liked your caption best.

      • John Hewitt

        I didn’t even understand that caption. It’s like I’m reading The New Yorker. — grumble grumble… I wanted that AuthorIt

  • Julio Vazquez

    We understand that you’re into old-style writing, so we were sent to provide the quill and ink.

  • sefcug

    “We heard you were looking for new characters for a Nickelodeon cartoon.”

  • Keith Anderson

    “I’m sorry you had to find out this way. Yes, I’ve been seeing my sponsor again.”

  • Roxie

    QA sent us to help with the system sanity test.

  • Hunter

    “We Sprinted over and now you’re telling us you said Chicken and PIG?”

  • Lois

    But it’s casual Friday!

  • Madeline Anderson

    “Sir, we’ve come to aquire all things in your house of seafood and poultry value. Oh, and we also want your entire colletion of ‘Star Wars’ movies.”

  • Rahel Bailie

    The Star Wars costumes were already rented out.

  • Adam

    “Hi, we want to invite you to join the neighborhood watch program. We take note of suspicious people around here.”

  • rpmason

    Please hide us! A Scotsman mistook Squirt for a bagpipe!

  • rpmason

    …and this is my pointy headed boss.

  • Jody

    You queried our help system. The answers are “To get to the other side” and “The egg.”

  • John Hewitt

    Hi, we’re the ending to the next M. Night Shyamalan movie. Do you mind if we wait here while he bangs out the script? It should only be a few minutes.

  • Lois

    We only moonlight at the restaurant. We’re really a top-notch technical writing team in disguise.

  • Roxie

    Sure, we get a little stressed and need to blow off some steam every now and then. Why do you ask?

  • Lois

    The job market is tough. It was either this or write cartoon captions…lesser of evils, you know.

  • words words words

    “Good afternoon, sir. This is kind of…well, really awkward. But we had a litter and we just can’t take care of all of them, so we’re looking for good homes. Can you find it in your heart to adopt a baby cocktopus?”

  • M. Hunsberger

    “So you see, Mr. Smith, dressing like this and showing up to your house was the only way I could get your attention. Now about those drafts I sent you last month…”

  • Craig

    We’re looking for some free-range technical writers that escaped from the office. Have you seen any?

  • Craig

    They always said tele-commuters were a strange breed.

  • Craig

    The Society for the Prevention of Overusing Idioms and Phrases pays a visit to Mr. “Tastes just like chicken.”

  • Craig

    Gear up Bob! We’re late for the World of Warcraft convention.

  • Craig

    Just humor him … he’s the expert in configuring Squid to run behind your firewalls.

  • Arroxane

    Hi, Scrummaster. We’re just trying to set this straight: was it the Chicken and the Pig… or the Squid?

  • Bennett

    We’re here to talk about “Free Credit”

  • Lois

    We’re from the church of the other white meat

  • Greg S

    “The boss told us drop the ink and tweet about our new product, you keen to join in?”

  • Anindita Basu

    We moved to Agile, but the pig costume was already taken.

  • Craig

    Thinking outside the Jack-in-the-box.

  • Tommy Curnyn

    I know, I know, I told him he looks ridiculous but he simply refuses to shave that goatee.

  • Chris

    This is not the output i was looking for…..haven’t you got the new spec?…..Not Again!!!!!

  • Gracia

    OctoRooster- For mobile publishing solution!

  • Steven Hall

    Hey boss “coming to the cock show”

  • bandi

    Door is open for five …… Five is too high !!!!!!!!!!

  • Tom

    Jody won the caption contest for today. Thanks to everyone who participated. There were a lot of good ones this time.

    “Prototypes for a post-Clippy world.”

  • Maddie

    “We’re wearing thee costumes for a reason! Squidly, here forgot to shave his back yesterday!”