Making references to non-DITA resources requires you to reference the resource in the ditamap as well as the topic.

If you don't reference the resource in the DITA map, then it won't be included in the output. Add the following to your map, marking the resource as processing-role="resource-only".

     <topicref href="nondita_resources/docmap.pdf" format="pdf" processing-role="resource-only"/>

Now that you've ensured the resource will be included with the output files, use an xref and point to the resource:

       <xref format="pdf" href="nondita_resources/docmap.pdf" scope="peer">sample pdf</xref>

Set the format. You can type any value you want there, not just those listed in the value choices. Also add the scope attribute: scope="peer".

sample pdf sample pdf 2 logo

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