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We need an IT Conversations for Tech Writers

by Tom Johnson on Aug 14, 2006 •
categories: technical-writing

I am thinking about starting up an IT Conversations site for Tech Writers. Currently this niche is totally open -- there are no technical writer podcasts. The power of podcasting is in the targeting of the niche market, according to Jason Van Orden of the PodCasting Underground, an awesome site to learn about podcasting. A few writers have done a podcast here and there, but none have sustained a continous podcast show.

I'm thinking that the show could be a venue for technical writers across the country to post their chapter meetings, to record audio conversations, to be a complete venue for all things audio that relate to technical writing.

We could use some money from advertising to pay for bandwidth, which would range from $10 to 50 dollars a month.

I guess the idea of listening to a tech writing podcast on the way to your tech writing job is a bit nerdy, but why would people who are enthusiastic about tech writing be opposed to this?

I could cull information from the tech writing listservs and other forums for topics to explore. Might be fun to try. It's not often that an opportunity like this opens up, with a new media, an open niche, and a technical ability to easily slide in to the scene.

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