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Interview with STC President Linda Oestreich: Directions the STC Is Heading

by Tom Johnson on Feb 5, 2008
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In this podcast, STC President Linda Oestreich talks about the direction that the Society for Technical Communication is heading. She explains the strategic objectives of the STC and the ways the Board is trying to meet those objectives in a financially conscious way. She provides updates on other initiatives they've pursued, such as certification programs, increased recognition, and membership trends. Linda also talks about the awesome responsibility it is to be president of an organization of nearly 15,000 members worldwide.

Topics in this podcast include the following:

  • The most pressing issue the Board of Directors has attempted to tackle this past year
  • The reason the STC has to be financially conscious
  • What STC members find truly valuable about the STC
  • Updates about the ongoing interactions with the Bureau of Labor about changing the title and definition of "technical writer"
  • Reasons for upward membership trends and company-value discounts
  • Movements toward certification programs
  • Attempts to provide recognition for members between senior member and associate fellow
  • Problems interpreting what people mean by networking and publications
  • The upcoming roadmap for the STC
  • How much time the STC president spends in her position
  • Advice she would give to the incoming president
  • Why people should attend the upcoming STC Summit

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