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Welcoming Camtasia Studio as a New Blog Sponsor

by Tom Johnson on Feb 18, 2008
categories: technical-writing screencasting

I'm proud to announce that Camtasia Studio is a new sponsor for my blog. I've been using Camtasia Studio to create video tutorials for the past month, and I really like it. I was converted to voice tutorials rather than caption-based tutorials when a user told me he preferred voice 10 to 1. I also prefer voice rather than captions, and voice-screen-demos are a lot easier to create, too.

Camtasia 5 not only excels in voice, but allows you publish the files in a variety of formats that best fit the type of recording. Camtasia Studio is also easy to use. Overall, I think TechSmith's products are right on target.

You'll see some Camtasia ads on the sidebar and at the bottom of posts. It's part of my advertising model -- I choose a product I like, and then offer to exchange advertising on my blog in exchange for a free license of the product. Chances are, I'll probably write a few posts about the tool as well. When enough users click the ads (determined by the product's value), I'll remove the ads and put ads for different products there. This advertising model not only helps monetize my blog, it also gives me new tools to write about, and makes me more knowledgeable.

Note that, despite the blog sponsors, the content of my posts will always remain Tom's authentic opinion. I'll never write a post promoting a product that I secretly despise.

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