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WordPress for Beginners Course

by Tom Johnson on Apr 27, 2008
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WordPress, the most widely used open-source blogging software, gives you complete control over the design and display of your content. In addition to writing blog posts, WordPress allows you to create pages, add categories, customize your site design, define how posts appear, and more.

This two-hour course is designed for people unfamiliar with WordPress and interested in starting their own blogs, or for people ready for more control than Blogger or other hosted sites allow. Topics covered will relate to setting up and using self-hosted WordPress blogs using the free software download from, not the freely hosted sites.

I'll also be presenting on WordPress at Doc Train West ("From Novice to Geek: Getting Started with WordPress"). But for those who can't travel to Vancouver, this is a great way to get similar information. This web course will also be more hands-on and interactive.

Date: Wednesday, April 30
Time: 7:30 p.m. CST
Location: Web
Cost: $99
Course Size: Limited to 15 participants

Course Topics

The following topics will be covered:

  • versus
  • Writing posts
  • Creating pages
  • Understanding the admin panel
  • Configuring basic settings
  • Modifying the sidebar widgets
  • Using FTP programs to work with site files
  • Changing themes
  • Finding the right theme
  • Browsing the WordPress plugin repository
  • Installing plugins
  • Stopping spam
  • Backing up your database
  • Implementing a contact form
  • Tracking hits and visitors
  • Importing your site from Blogger
  • Creating categories
  • Adding tags
  • Configuring the display of pages
  • Routing your feed through FeedBurner
  • Enabling permalinks and comments
  • Navigating the WordPress Codex
  • Using the WordPress support forums
  • Installing WordPress through cPanel
  • Installing WordPress manually
  • Exploring WordPress through a test site
  • Tips for writing posts
  • Tips for increasing subscribers

Materials Each Participant Recieves

All course participants will receive a WordPress for Beginners User Guide that contains instructions about each of the topics covered in this course.

Additionally, each participant will receive a login at a test WordPress site where they can experiment with WordPress.

Course Delivery

The course is given over the web. You'll receive a conference call number and a URL to visit. At the URL, you'll be able to see my screen and hear my voice over the phone. If you're outside the U.S., you can join the sessions using Skype.


The cost of the course is $99. You can pay with your credit card by clicking the Pay Now button below.

After you pay the course fee, I'll add your name and contact information to the course list. Several days before the course, I'll send you the URL and conference call phone number.

Blog Hosting

To set up your self-hosted WordPress blog, you'll eventually need a web host. You don't need a host before the course, but if you want to get a head start, you can do so.

From personal experience, I highly recommend Blue Host has better live support than any other host. Pretty much any time of the day, you can contact support, either by phone or live chat. Additionally, their cPanel has a Simple Scripts installer that makes installing WordPress simple. I have such confidence in Blue Host that I became an affiliate.

To sign up for a web host account using my affiliate link, click the Blue Host image below.

Questions about the course? Contact me at [email protected].

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