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Musings of a Tech Writer Podcast -- Mark in Canada Reflects on The Content Wrangler Versus the STC

by Tom Johnson on May 19, 2008
categories: technical-writing

"Mark in Canada" has a podcast called Musings of a Tech Writer. In one of his recent episodes (episode 19), he reflects on the STC and makes some interesting comments.

He wonders whether the Content Wrangler community and Doc Train conferences can replace the STC. He says the STC spends too much time trying to help tech writers justify themselves to their companies, too much time focusing on the latest tools, too much effort trying to get respect from others.

He feels he isn't getting his money's worth each year he renews, and that more sessions at the STC Summit turn out to be duds than those at Doc Train.

On another note, Mark's podcast follows whatever is on his mind. He has a late night personal voice, and as the title indicates, it consists of his musings. He seems like a nice guy, and said one of my podcasts I did last year (coming home from Doc Train, incidentally) contributed to his desire to start his own podcast.

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