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Podcast: What Is the Technical Writer's Role in Interface Design? Interview with Bogo Vatovec

by Tom Johnson on Dec 14, 2008 •
categories: podcasts

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Duration: 38 min.

In this podcast, I interview Bogo Vatovec, an expert in change management, user experience, and knowledge engineering, about the technical writer's role in interface design. Specifically, we cover the following in the podcast:

  • What the technical writer's role should be in the company
  • Why the technical writer's skills are often "accepted but not respected"
  • Why a technical writer needs to do more than just what he or she is told
  • What the technical writer's role is in relation to design and usability
  • The importance of spinning your criticisms of prototypes in positive ways
  • How early the technical writer should get involved with a project
  • The semantics and implications of names ("technical writer" versus "information designer")
  • How the role of an information designer differs from the role of a technical writer
  • Why changing the name from "writer" to some other title isn't enough
  • Why writing skills are a declining value
  • What happens when writers do more

Bogo is a senior member of the STC and a regular presenter at conferences worldwide. For example, at the last STC Summit, Bogo participated in a panel on career trends.

For more information on Bogo Vatovec, see his site at

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