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WordPress Tip: Podcasts on WordPress: WordPress Weekly from the WordPress Tavern

by Tom Johnson on Feb 16, 2009 •
categories: technical-writingwordpress

Podcasts on WordPress are an excellent way to stay updated with the latest WordPress news, trends, plugins, themes, and other development. I recently discovered a WordPress podcast that I enjoy quite a bit: WordPress Weekly from the WordPress Tavern. The hosts include Jeff Chandler and David Peralty -- both knowledgeable, passionate people about WordPress and blog design and development.

The two WordPress podcasts I listened to this evening include an episode on WordPress theme frameworks (specifically, the WordPress Sandbox theme) and another on content generation and SEO. I find that podcasts are perfect for learning while driving, and today I spent about two hours in the car. (Podcasts are also great for long walks.)

WordPress Weekly goes in depth and has relevant content that directly applies to me. If you're not into WordPress, you're probably yawning at another one of my WordPress posts. But whatever your interests, I encourage you to check out some podcasts on the corresponding subjects. Although podcasts aren't suitable for detailed step-by-step procedures, they're perfect for communicating conceptual information. What other medium can hold a person's attention for upwards of 45 minutes at a time?

WordPress Weekly is hosted on Talkshoe, a popular service for podcasting. You can call in with questions if you join the show on Friday nights.

WordPress Weekly podcast
WordPress Weekly podcast -- a podcast on WordPress that I highly recommend

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