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Podcamp Salt Lake City, March 27 -- "Interviewing Remote and Local Guests for Podcasts"

by Tom Johnson on Mar 4, 2009
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If you're in Utah, come check out Podcamp SLC on Friday, March 27 at Neumont University, South Jordan. I'll be presenting on "Interviewing Remote and Local Guests for Podcasts." Here's a description of my presentation:

Interviewing is an art — one that can enable you to generate high-quality content for your podcast with little effort on your part, if you can find the right guest and ask the right questions. Connecting with another professional either in person or hundreds of miles away can be rewarding and even exhilarating, but you have to know how to ask the right questions (ones that will solicit interesting responses) and understand how to handle the technical details to get the best possible audio. In this presentation, you'll learn five must-know interview techniques as well learn methods for getting studio-quality recordings even when you're only connected with Skype.

Podcamp Salt Lake City
Podcamp Salt Lake City

For more information on Podcamp Salt Lake City, including the schedule, location, and other details, see the podcampSLC site. It looks like all the sessions will be videotaped, so if you're too far away to attend, stay subscribed to my blog and watch for links to the upcoming videos.

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