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Managing Your Social Media Profiles and Badges

by Tom Johnson on Mar 8, 2009
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Each social media site has its own badge. If you participate in a handful of them -- Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Tripit, etc -- it can be cumbersome to manage all your social media profiles and badges. is a site that helps you manage your social identities. It contains a list of 300+ social media services with profile fields for each.


You enter your profile links for the services you participate in. Then you simply add a Dandy widget to your sidebar and voila, the widget pulls all of this information from DandyID and displays it in a nice list on your blog. (If you're on or Blogger or just LinkedIn, DandyID also has widget code for you here.)

Rather than having multiple rectangular badge buttons of various sizes and shapes littering your sidebar, the DandyID widget keeps each social media button in an orderly list. I just implemented this on my site, if you look in my sidebar (see "My Profiles on Social Media Sites").

By the way, looking over the 300 social media sites on is a bit overwhelming. It's kind of cool just to click through to a few sites and see what has been conceived already.

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