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Become a Link Journalist for Writer River

by Tom Johnson on Jul 24, 2009
categories: technical-writing

Writer River is a collaborative social news site that allows technical communicators to both find and share links to interesting content they find online. As more people contribute to the site – sharing links to blog posts, magazine or journal articles, podcasts, books, videos, and even literature -- the more engaging the site becomes. The dozens of highly relevant, useful articles that flow through Writer River each week can help you stay updated with the latest trends in technical communication as well as help others stay updated as well.

Here's how the site works. When you are set up as a link journalist, you can add links to Writer River through three different methods: from a Publish2 bookmarklet, from Google Reader, or from Delicious. When you add a link, you can also type a brief comment about why you are recommending the link.

Not only can you add to Writer River; you can share the latest Writer River articles on your own site. You can add a snippet of code on your site showing the latest posts from Writer River, or if you have WordPress, you can add a Publish2 widget that pulls in the posts automatically. You can also style the code so that it matches the branding of your site.

If you would like to contribute as a link journalist on Writer River, just complete the form here.

Note: Writer River was discontinued...

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