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An argument for slowing down in an age of rapid online exchanges

by Tom Johnson on Aug 28, 2009
categories: technical-writing

This Manifesto for Slow Communication (linked by Karen Mardahl) will make you think twice about the benefits of social networks, email, Twitter, Facebook, IM, and all the constant noise, hectic rushing, and mindless processing that it produces in your life.

Busyness—or the simulated busyness of email addiction—numbs the pain of this awareness [awareness of death], but it can never totally submerge it. Given that our days are limited, our hours precious, we have to decide what we want to do, what we want to say, what and who we care about, and how we want to allocate our time to these things within the limits that do not and cannot change. In short, we need to slow down.

I agree -- but who can fight it? It's like a river current that pushes you along. Time to take a breath and see where we're going with it all.

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