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The best time to publish your blog posts

by Tom Johnson on Sep 1, 2009
categories: blogging technical-writing

In When is the Best Time and Day to Publish a Blog Post, Lorelle Van Fossen explores a question that has become increasingly more relevant to me: when to publish your posts. I definitely get more responses to posts that I publish Sunday evening through Thursday, similar to Lorelle's experiences.

Also, most of the traffic seems to come during work hours. This tells me that my audience considers my blog somehow related to their work (that, or a welcome distraction from work). One insight Lorelle says is that you should publish before the moments of highest traffic on your site, similar to preparing a dinner table with food ready to eat before the guests arrive. Nice analogy.

I also find that I'm more comfortable publishing during off-work hours, because I don't want people to think I'm blogging at work, even if I've already told my manager that I schedule posts to publish at specific timestamps. Thanks Anne Gentle for the link.

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