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Information Overload -- Conversation with Ricardo Amigo

by Tom Johnson on Sep 23, 2009
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Dealing with information overload can be a huge stressor in life. Not only trying to keep up with the constant deluge of information that comes at you daily, but also managing that information in an organized way -- so that you can find and implement it -- can put your sanity in question. In this podcast, I talk with Ricardo Amigo, a translator in Costa Rica, about different ways to manage information overload. We cover a few of the following topics:

  • Personal information management
  • Keeping found things found
  • Organizing by clips
  • Organizing by wikis
  • Other tools to deal with information overload
  • Finding time to get things done
  • Podcasts as a tool for keeping up
  • Email jail
  • Leadership in information overload

To learn more about Ricardo Amigo, see his site, Amigo Audio. Special thanks to amigo for processing the audio for this podcast.

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