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Survey about Framemaker and EMC Documentum Integration

by Tom Johnson on Oct 15, 2009
categories: technical-writing

I'm passing along a survey on behalf of The Content Wrangler and Millennium Consultants. They're trying to reach Framemaker users who want more integration with EMC Documentum.

If you use FrameMaker as an authoring tool and Documentum as your content management system, take this brief survey and see if you quality for a test drive of Linked2, a plug-in to FrameMaker which acts as a bridge between FrameMaker and Documentum Server.

Using Linked2 for Adobe FrameMaker, users can perform the following functions — login, checkin, checkout, view, search and cancel checkout — all from with FrameMaker. And, Linked2 provides users with the ability to reuse DITA XML chunks and graphics, and it supports conrefs, xrefs, hrefs and other content reuse capabilities.

What are you waiting for? Take the survey and see if you qualify for a free test drive.

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