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WordPress Tip: Integrate Google Calendar into WordPress

by Tom Johnson on Mar 16, 2010
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I have a lot of events coming up, so I've been trying to coordinate and manage my schedule in a more efficient way. I use Google Calendar, with various calendars that I toggle on or off based on what I want to see. Lately I decided to integrate some of the event information from my Google calendar into my WordPress blog.

I have two new buttons on the top: My Calendar and Presentations. Using the ICS Calendar plugin for WordPress, I integrated the events into my blog by plugging the ICAL feeds for the calendars into the ICS plugin's settings.

The plugin works pretty well. It automatically pulls the event information from the feed without requiring you to do anything in WordPress. You can specify the format for the event details using the tags in the plugin's settings page. My custom format looks like this:

<div class="icalmeta">%date-time%<br />

It's a little snazzier than the basic page I had previously used. And I only have to enter event information into one place.

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