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WordPress Webinar July 13 with the STC Consulting and Independent Contracting SIG

by Tom Johnson on Jul 12, 2010
categories: technical-writing

I'm giving a webinar on WordPress tomorrow, July 13, at 1:00 to 2:30 pm EDT. The webinar is organized through the STC Consulting and Independent Contracting Special Interest Group (CIC SIG). Here's the description:

Blogging is no longer a phenomenon. It is a way of life; another layer of communication to understand and utilize.

An effective blog site can be critical to establishing a successful presence in the electronic marketplace of the World Wide Web. It can also be instrumental in expressing oneself or one's enterprise-in writing, in photography, in travel-or in disseminating knowledge, opinion, or other useful information. The potential is limited only by the creativity of the individual. A tool like Wordpress makes this creativity possible.

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But first, one has to learn how to use the tool properly.

In Developing and Designing Blogs, we will learn how to use WordPress to create and customize a blog with a specific look and feel. We will cover the best practices in blog design, including readability, layout, typography, searchability, navigation, and more. We will also discuss the use of categories, tags, images, video, and audio.

For more details and sign up information, see the CIC SIG webinar description.

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