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Technical Communication Careers: Getting Started and Finding Your Niche (BYU Idaho Presentation)

by Tom Johnson on Oct 13, 2010
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Tomorrow I'm driving up to BYU Idaho to give a presentation titled "Technical Communication Careers: Getting Started and Finding Your Niche." It's part of their annual Pre-Professional Writing Conference for English and professional writing students. I like to go because I have an old colleague up there who teaches English (we spent 2 years in Egypt teaching at The American University in Cairo), and it's always fun to visit with him.

Below are the "slides" for my presentation. I'm using WordPress rather than PowerPoint. You can actually click through the images just like you can with PowerPoint (once you are viewing the image details, click the image itself to move to the next one in the gallery). If you have any feedback about anything, let me know. I created these illustrations in Adobe Illustrator. I was actually going to insert them into PowerPoint, but I realized that when you view the PowerPoint show, it resizes the images and makes them a little blurry. Plus I'm weary of PowerPoint anyway and wanted to try something new.

Note: Several people have asked if they can use some of these images for their own slide presentations. Sure, feel free to do that. You can link back to my site with attribution if you want, but it's not required.


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