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Started a new job

by Tom Johnson on Jun 12, 2014
categories: technical-writing

I started a new job last Monday at a company called The 41st Parameter in San Jose. I'm pretty excited about it. 41st's main product helps prevent online fraud with transactions; another product helps with identity resolution for advertising technologies.

I'll be creating developer documentation for products that include C++, Java, .NET, and REST. I'll also probably be using Confluence. I'm one of 3 writers, but 2 are based on Arizona, where the company's parent company, Experian, is located.

If I'm not posting here as frequently as usual, it's because I have my nose buried in programming books. I have so much to learn, but I know I'm a perfect fit for this job.

By the way, speaking of books, if you haven't listened to Daniel Suarez's Daemon, it's a great read/listen.

One great thing about this job is that it's just 3 miles from my house. I love not having a commute. At the end of the day, I still have a lot of energy left.

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