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Natural Bridges

by Tom Johnson on Sep 28, 2014 •
categories: family

Last week we went to Natural Bridges. Here are some photos:

Natural Bridges

This is one of my favorite beaches for several reasons. There's a large area with tide pools that is simply fun to explore. Usually there are sea anemones all over here, but not today. Even so, it's a lot of fun to look in the tide pools while the ocean is crashing on the shore to your side.

Callie wanted to explore a remote pond, and I reluctantly followed. To our amazement, we stumbled upon a nature preserve trail that had great little boardwalks and other trail signs explaining the animals in the preserve. I've been to this park numerous times and had never realized there was a preserve trail there.

We explored it with lots of enthusiasm, and then we got Shannon and Molly. Molly is so cute -- she carries around a little yellow bucket and stops to pick up something and put it in the bucket every 15 feet.

The second time around the trail with Shannon and Molly wasn't nearly as fun as the first time, since we were discovering it in a brand new way. Still, this trail adds a lot to the beach experience.

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