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The Author Experience -- Interview with Rick Yagodich

by Tom Johnson on Nov 5, 2014
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While I was at Information Development World, I had a conversation with Rick Yagodich about his new book, Author Experience. This is one of the first books in The Content Strategy series of books. During our conversation, Rick and I talked about the following topics:

  • Why do people have such poor experiences with CMSs?
  • What are key considerations authors need in a CMS?
  • How important is it to see relationships among content in a CMS?
  • How important are workflows in a CMS, and why are they so problematic?
  • Can authors have good experiences with their content without having a CMS?
  • Do CMSs inject tags into your code to handle styles and IDs? Does this make it more difficult to work with the code?
  • How do you figure out details about CMS vendors such as cost, features, etc, when this information is rarely published?
  • How does AX differ from a treatment of CMSs?
  • How can we give so much emphasis on AX over UX? Isn't UX more important?
  • Why did you pick this topic? What about your background or experiences made you particularly interested in the author experience?

You can buy Author Experience from XML Press, Amazon, and other bookstores.

Author Experience, by Rick Yagodich

You can learn more about Rick Yagodich by following him on Twitter @think_info or by reading his blog at or the companion book site

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