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Tech comm on a map: See all the tech comm groups, meetups, conferences, events, and consultants on a Google map

by Tom Johnson on Nov 25, 2014
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Sarah Maddox recently recently launched a project called Tech Comm on a Map. It lists all the tech comm groups, meetups, conferences, events, and consultants on a Google map. You can filter by the type of content you want to see. Check it out here:

Tech Comm on a Map

What's nifty about this map is how you feed data into it. There's a Google spreadsheet that has certain data columns, including longitude and latitude. The map automatically pulls in data from the spreadsheet and plots it on the map immediately.

The spreadsheet containing the data is only accessible to a handful of people, including me. Because I think this map is cool and useful, I'd like to help populate it with as much information as possible.

Take a look at the map. What information is it lacking? For example:

  • Is there a tech comm education program near you?
  • Is there a tech comm company near you?
  • Is there a tech comm consultant or business near you?
  • Is there a tech comm meetup group near you?

If you want to add any of these data points, list the details in the comments below or email me and I'll add them. Include the name, address, and website link. For extra credit, grab the longitude and latitude coordinates from the URL when the address is plotted on Google maps.

Note that I added a link to this map in my sidebar below the list of sidebar ads.

For more details about the map, see Tech Comm on a Map. For technical details about pulling data from spreadsheets into Google maps, see Putting your professional group on a map.

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