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Document 360: #1 Knowledge Base Software

Check out my conversation on ContentHug

by Tom Johnson on Jun 17, 2015 •
categories: technical-writing

ContentHug is a content curation service focused on tech comm. Currently the site has a theme of conversations with various tech comm pros, mostly about content strategy.

Vinish Garg has a series of “conversations” going on his site, Contenthug. Today he posted a conversation he had with me.

Conversation on with Tom Johnson

The conversations are short, interactive Q&A, mostly about content strategy and organizational challenges that relate to tech comm. itself is a curated stream of articles related to tech comm, delivered straight to your inbox. ContentHug finds good tech comm articles across the web and links to them. I’ve been impressed by the regularity and quality of articles. ContentHug is definitely worth subscribing to.

In a time where we’re inundated with information, we need more people like Vinish to find, curate, and publish the information in innovative ways.

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