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Document 360: #1 Knowledge Base Software

Tutorial for creating interactive consoles with RAML

by Tom Johnson on Oct 3, 2015 •
categories: api-doc

This is a tutorial for creating interactive consoles with the RAML spec. The interactive console allows users to try out your API directly in the documentation.

Following on the Swagger tutorial I posted about the other week, this week I’d like to point you to my RAML tutorial.

This is part of my larger API doc course, so in this tutorial I’m taking a simple Weather API from Mashape and putting the API’s endpoints, parameters, and sample responses into the RAML spec. Then I publish that API into several different RAML outputs using API Console, Mulesoft’s Anypoint Platform, and RAML2HTML.

In comparing RAML with Swagger, I think both are strong specifications for APIs. They’re definitely the top two. I like RAML’s tooling and design philosophy a lot, but Swagger probably has a more robust community. Both have a lot of momentum going on.

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