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Spec-driven Development with RAML -- presentation by Michael Stowe to STC Silicon Valley chapter

by Tom Johnson on Jan 9, 2016
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In October 2015 Michael Stowe presented to the STC Silicon Valley chapter about spec-driven development, with a demo of RAML, which is an API specification similar to Swagger. Pretty much everyone who attended his presentation was impressed at how cool RAML is in making API documentation interactive. You can view Michael's slides and listen to the spec-driven development presentation recording here.


Here are Michael’s slides:

Audio recording

Here’s the audio recording:

Listen here:

(Next time we’ll record the video too.)

Spec-driven development presentation description

Here’s a description of the presentation and a little bit about Michael:

Spec Driven Development isn’t just changing the way we build APIs, but even the way we share and document them. In this session we’ll take a look at what Spec Driven Development is, and how it ties developers and technical writers to the hip – helping keep documentation in sync, while reducing the work-load required to generate technical documentation, and even allows for use of modern tools such as RAML and the API Notebook that let us write and share documentation in a brand new, interactive way!

Author of Undisturbed REST: A guide to designing the perfect API, Michael Stowe has 15 years experience writing software for industries ranging from small businesses to medical associations, law enforcement, and large enterprises. His work has been published in numerous sources including Website Magazine, DZone and InfoQ, and he has spoken at a wide-variety of tech events including API Strat and API World.

To learn more, see the following:

Other resources

Previously I recorded a podcast with Michael Stowe about spec-driven development and RAML here. If API documentation and specifications are topics that interest you, definitely check out the podcast.

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