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Shannon got into Stanford's MA Liberal Arts program

by Tom Johnson on Mar 13, 2016
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Shannon applied to a master of liberal arts program at Stanford and was accepted. She starts her program in the fall. Only 21 applicants were accepted this year, so it was pretty selective. (They didn’t say how many total applicants applied.) She’s really excited about it. The program is designed for working adults, so the classes will be in the evenings and extended out over a 4-5 year period instead of 2.

Shannon starts her new job at...

What exactly do you do with an MA in liberal arts? I’m not entirely sure, but I think Shannon is well-suited to the academia, and this will be a stepping stone into other opportunities. She could get a PhD, but even with a masters, the number of doors and opportunities open up for you.

This will also give Shannon more current academic experience. When she was getting letters of recommendation, she had to ask some of her professors back from her days at BYU, which was 17+ years ago.

Shannon is currently fascinated by moral psychology, and I think her interests will fit well into a cross-cultural context (which fits the liberal arts context).

Since she already works at Stanford, most likely during the evenings she has classes she may just stay there. This means I’ll probably have more time with the kids, but I am happy to do so.

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