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Slides for Documenting REST APIs Workshop — 2016 STC Summit Anaheim, Calif.

by Tom Johnson on May 14, 2016
categories: api-doc

Here are my slides for the Documenting REST APIs workshop I'm giving at the 2016 STC Summit in Anaheim, California. The workshop lasts 3.5 hours. These slides cover a host of topics, including how to use APIs, how to document APIs, how to publish APIs, and more. There are lots of hands-on activities throughout. Some of the activities involve using the command line, the Chrome JavaScript Console, Postman, Git, reading JSON, and more.

Here are the slides:

You can find more detail in my API doc course. (These slides are slightly updated from some of the topics in my course, but generally the slide number in the heading title corresponds with the course number.)

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