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A short survey to measure academic/practitioner attitudes

by Tom Johnson on Jul 2, 2018
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The following two surveys will capture the thoughts and attitudes that Tech Comm practitioners and academics have towards each other as members of the same field. The survey takes approximately 1 minute to complete and consists only of 7 selections about whether you agree or disagree (along a scale). Your answers are anonymous. The responses here will be compared to a similar survey administered at a later time.

July 17, 2018 update: The surveys are no longer active. See Results from my Academic/Practitioner Attitudes surveys now available.

Take the survey that corresponds to your role. (If you perform both roles, you can take both surveys.)

Take this survey if you’re a practitioner — e.g., employed as a tech writer for a company.

Take this survey if you’re an academic — e.g, employed by a college to do research or teach TC courses.

Thanks for participating in the survey! I’ll be discussing some challenges related to academics and practitioners in an upcoming podcast, so stay tuned.

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