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New article in Simplifying Complexity series -- Iterate and increment on content following an agile approach

by Tom Johnson on Aug 31, 2018 •
categories: simplifying-complexity

I added a new article in my Simplifying Complexity series about iterative content development. The article is titled 'Iterate and increment on content following an agile approach'. This is a principle I feel strongly about as a central approach in all writing, but one with particular application to complex scenarios.

Here’s the principle:

Iterative development is a principle of design that applies as much to documentation as it does to software development and UX design. With iterative development, you continually improve the content by gathering feedback and then incorporate the feedback as appropriate into new iterations of the content. You write in a shorter cycles with increased feedback reviews, working on developing content over a longer period of time rather than a short burst of writing activity in a one-and-done type effort. This iterative approach better addresses scenarios involving complex documentation where the audience, needed information, steps, and other details are less certain and predictable.

Read more here: Iterate and increment on content following an agile approach

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