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Tech comm podcasts roundup and survey

by Tom Johnson on Sep 15, 2018 •
categories: podcasts

The latest Cherryleaf podcast lists the available tech comm podcasts and how to get started with your own podcast. I created a short survey about podcasts to gather some feedback about your listening habits and preferences.

This past year, Cherryleaf has developed its voice in the tech comm space through podcasts. I’ve tweeted about a few episodes previously, and I find Ellis has a natural talent for the podcast medium. In his latest podcast, “The one about podcasts,” Ellis lists all the tech comm podcasts plus a few others he listens to. Go to Cherryleaf for the full list.

I’d like to note a few details about podcasts that I think are worth mentioning. First, it seems like podcasts have made a comeback recently. I’m not entirely sure why (it could be that people are so tired of political news that they want to escape into niche topics instead), but podcasts seem to be going strong this year, with Cherryleaf, Scriptorium, and 10-minute Tech Comm producing many episodes.

Why go to all the trouble to create a podcast? One reason is that podcasts have more power to connect with the listening audience than many other mediums. When someone listens to a podcast, it’s like allowing someone to whisper into your ear for a half hour or more. The person’s personality, enthusiasm, and other characteristics come through with voice in unmistakable ways.

One problem with podcasts is that because listeners aren’t usually sitting at their computers, providing feedback is more difficult. I’d like to get some general feedback about podcasts, so I created a short survey to gather some feedback about your podcast listening habits and preferences. You view the real-time, ongoing responses to the survey here.

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