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Write the Docs Podcast episode 21: On career growth, leadership, and mentoring in Tech Writing

by Tom Johnson on Mar 31, 2019
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In episode 21, Becky Todd from Atlassian joins us to talk about career growth, leadership, and mentoring. How do you move up to the next level at your company? Does upleveling require a management track, or there other ways to increase your leadership and influence? We also chat about mistakes we've made, what we've learned, ways to increase our influence and visibility both inside and outside corporate walls, why we sometimes back away from persuasion efforts, the balance between autonomy and micromanagement, mentoring strategies and opportunities, and other career-related topics within technical communication. We also look at the Season of Docs as an opportunity for getting involved in open source projects

You can view the original post here: WTD Episode 21: On career growth, leadership, and mentoring in Tech Writing.

Here are links to a few resources mentioned:

  • Season of Docs: “Let’s bring open source and technical writer communities together, to the benefit of both. Together we raise awareness of open source, of docs, and of technical writing.”
  • WTD Portland 2019: May 19-21, 2019. Portland, Oregon.
  • WTD Vilnius 2019: une 2-3, 2019. Vilnius, Lithuania.
  • WTD Prague 2019: Sep 15-17, 2019. Prague, Czech Republic.

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