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How to meet other technical writers in Seattle -- WTD Seattle coffee chats

by Tom Johnson on Jun 25, 2023
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I routinely run into tech writers in Seattle who have never heard about Write the Docs Seattle, which is a local meetup for the larger Write the Docs (WTD) organization. The WTD Seattle meetup is publicized through and includes an organizing host who facilitates welcoming and discussion among the members.

Currently, WTD Seattle is holding monthly coffee chats referred to as “Casual Caffeine Hour” events. These events are held in the morning, usually from 8:00 am to 9:30 am, and are casual in when you can show up and drop out. The next casual caffeine hour is this Thursday, June 29, 2023. Usually, about a dozen members show up at various times and drop off at similarly various times. I usually listen during my commute into work, so my video feed is off and on.

I regularly hear from people on Linkedin asking me about having virtual coffee, and I always invite them to WTD Seattle’s virtual coffee chats. When I do, the response is usually something like “What? What’s this group? I’ve never heard of it. What’s that about?”

Well, join in. Also, if you do want to meet me for a virtual coffee chat, I’d prefer to do it through the WTD Seattle caffeine chats, as this will give you more people to chat with and makes it more pleasant overall.

Join us! You don’t even need to be in Seattle to participate. The WTD groups are open to anyone, anywhere. Here are more details about the Casual Caffeine Hour for June 29.

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