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Adding a new AI section to my API doc course

by Tom Johnson on Jul 4, 2023
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I'm adding a new section on AI to my API doc course. Currently, there are just two articles in there (one on Oxygen XML's Positron Assistant, another on AI document engineering) but I plan to add many more over the coming months.

Some of the articles I have planned include the following:

  • Creating AI chat experiences for users
  • Using AI to learn and document code
  • ai Prompt engineering for docs
  • Toward a holy grail of auto-generated documentation generated by AI
  • Use AI to create shell scripts to manage and publish docs
  • Use AI to fix OpenAPI specification errors
  • Create summaries for docs with AI
  • Improve search with AI tools
  • Use AI to summarize bug threads and resolutions

Any other ideas for me? Let me know. You can see the new section here: AI-powered API documentation.

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