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Podcast: All about Redocly, with founder Adam Altman

by Tom Johnson on Feb 26, 2023
categories: technical-writing podcasts

In this podcast, I chat with Adam Altman all about Redocly, an authoring/publishing tool for creating API documentation. Topics we discuss include why he started Redocly, the approach to API doc tools, what explains the continued popularity of Redocly, the docs-as-code approach to API tooling, and more.

Note that this is a sponsored podcast.

Video recording

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Podcast topics

  • The reason Adam started Redocly while working at Rebilly
  • Redocly’s main products, including the difference between Redoc and Redocly
  • What’s unique about Redocly from other API solutions
  • The primary audience for Redocly
  • Providing robust authoring tools for advanced users while also allowing non-technical users to collaborate with content development
  • The main problems customers try to solve with Redocly
  • The continued prevalence of APIs within the developer community
  • Redocly’s docs-as-code approaches and infrastructure
  • Showcase examples of sites built with Redocly
  • Redocly’s ongoing innovation and roadmap
  • Developer portal options with Redocly, and seamless integration between reference and non-reference content
  • Lessons and insights learned with product development over the last several years

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