List of about 100 APIs

The following are about 100 openly accessible REST APIs that you can browse as a way to look at patterns and examples. Most of these REST API links are available from I initially started gathering a list of the APIs in Programmableweb’s “Most Popular” category, but then I just started adding links as I ran across interesting APIs.

  1. Google Places API
  2. Twitter API
  3. Flickr API
  4. Facebook API
  5. Youtube API
  6. eBay API
  7. Amazon API
  8. Twilio API
  9. API
  10. Bing API
  11. Delicious API
  12. Google Cloud API
  13. Foursquare API
  14. Google Data API
  15. Dropbox API
  16. Splunk API
  17. Flattr API
  18. Docusign API
  19. Geonames
  20. Adsense API
  21. Box API
  22. Amazon API
  23. Linkedin API
  24. Instagram API
  25. Yahoo BOSS API
  26. Yahoo Social API
  27. Google Analytics API
  28. Yelp API
  29. Panaromio API
  30. Facebook API
  31. Eventful API
  32. Concur API
  33. Paypal API
  34. Bitly API
  35. Hostip API
  36. Reddit API
  37. Netvibes API
  38. Rhapsody API
  39. Donors Choose
  40. Sendgrid API
  41. Photobucket API
  42. Mailchimp
  43. Basecamp API
  44. Smugmug API
  45. NYTimes API
  46. USPS API
  47. NWS API
  48. Evernote API
  49. Stripe API
  50. Parse API
  51. Opensecrets API
  52. Compete API
  53. CNET API
  54. Amazon API
  55. Hoiio API
  56. Citygrid API
  57. Mapbox API
  58. Groupon API
  59. AddThis Menu API
  60. Yahoo Weather API
  61. SimplyHired API
  62. Crunchbase API
  63. Zendesk API
  64. nDango API
  65. Ninja Blocks API
  66. Pushover API
  67. Pusher API
  68. Pingdom API
  69. Daily Mile API
  70. Jive
  71. IBM Watson (uses Swagger)
  72. HipChat API
  73. Stores API
  74. Alchemy API
  75. Indivo API 1.0 and Indivo API 2.0 on readthedocs platform
  76. Socrata API
  77. Github API
  78. Mailgun API
  79. RiotGames API example of Swagger
  80. Basecamp API example of Github
  81. UserApp API
  82. Kimono Labs API
  83. SwiftType API
  84. Snipcart API
  85. VHX API
  86. Polldaddy API
  87. Gumroad API
  88. Formstack API
  89. Livefyre API
  90. Salesforce Chatter RESt API
  91. Rotten Tomatoes API
  92. Github
  93. A directory of API doc sites on the open web

For a directory of API documentation sites on the open web, see the You can browse more than 13,000 web APIs.

Programmable web directory

Note that Programmableweb only lists web APIs, meaning APIs that you can access on the web. They don’t list the countless internal, firewalled-off APIs that many companies provide at a cost to paying customers. There are many more thousands of private APIs out there that most of us will never know about.


Look at about 5 different APIs (choose any of those listed on the page). Look for one thing that the APIs have in common.

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