Make edits to Javadoc tags

It’s pretty common for developers to add Javadoc tags and brief comments as they’re creating Java code. In fact, if they don’t add it, the IDE will usually produce a warning error.

However, the comments that developers add are usually poor, incomplete, or incomprehensible. A tech writer’s job with Javadoc is often to edit the content that’s already there, providing more clarity, structure, inserting the right tags, and more.

When you make edits to Javadoc content, look for the following:

  • Missing doc. Lots of Javadoc is incomplete. Look for missing documentation.
  • Consistent style. See if the existing tags follow Java’s style conventions.
  • Clarity. Some descriptions are unintelligible due to the curse of knowledge, but it’s hard to judge without a stronger grasp of Java.

In this exercise, you’ll make some edits to the Javadoc tags and see how they get rendered in the output.

Make some edits

Make some edits to a class and method. Then regenerate the Javadoc and find your changes.

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