How to create the quick reference guide

For those power users who just want to glance at the content to understand it, provide a quick reference guide. The quick reference guide serves a different function from the getting started guide. The getting started guide helps beginners get oriented; the quick reference guide helps advanced users quickly find details about endpoints and other API details.

Sample quick reference guide

Here’s a quick reference guide from Eventful’s API:

Eventful quick reference

An online quick reference guide can serve as a great entry point into the documentation. Here’s a quick reference from Shopify about using Liquid:

Shopify quick reference guide

Visual quick reference guides

You can also make a visual illustration showing the API endpoints and how they relate to one another. I once created a one page endpoint diagram at Badgeville, and I found it so useful I ended up taping it on my wall. Although I can’t include it here for privacy reasons, the diagram depicted the various endpoints and methods available to each of the resources (remember that one resource can have many endpoints).

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