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Podcast: Workspaces, Collaboration, and Information Sharing -- Interview with Emma Hamer

by Tom Johnson on May 25, 2008 •
categories: podcasts

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Duration: 15 min.

IT project teams often need to increase collaboration and communication, but they're hampered by the cubicle walls and other physical silos they set up in the workplace. These physical obstacles force teams to have frequent meetings -- which can be long and inefficient -- just to keep each other updated.

In this podcast, Emma Hamer talks about both physical and virtual workspaces that project teams need to increase their performance. She also outlines the rationale for teams to gather better feedback from users, project members, and others who aren't domain experts.

For more information, see Emma's website at

Note: I interviewed Emma at the Doc Train 2008 conference in Vancouver. You can also listen my previous interview with Emma on performance and collaboration here.

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