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Podcast: What's New in the Field of Technical Communication?

by Tom Johnson on Sep 5, 2008 •
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Duration: 45 min.

Having taken a three-month podcasting break, it feels good to be back. In this podcast, I talk with Charles Jeter and Heidi Hansen about what's new in the field of technical communication. See the sections below for the four main topics we discuss.

Note: If you've never listened to a podcast before, see my brief page on How to Listen to Podcasts.


Major Topics Discussed


Will this new wiki/help authoring/publishing tool hybrid take off?

2. Google Chrome's comic book white paper

What can technical writers learn from Google's Chrome comic book?

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3. "Why I Hate PDFs"

Is the PDF a dying format?

4. "Technical Writing -- Look Before You Leap"

Is a career in technical writing incompatible with a secret life as a creative writer?

Minor Topics Mentioned

The following links point to topics briefly mentioned during the podcast:

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Tom Johnson

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