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First Look at Oxygen XML's Positron AI Assistant [API doc course]

by Tom Johnson on Jul 4, 2023
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I added a new topic to my API doc course on the Oxygen XML Positron Assistant. Positron lets you use AI tools inside Oxygen XML to help with a variety of writing tasks, such as writing short description elements, correcting grammar, improving readability, adding index terms, and more. Positron hooks into an AI provider (currently ChatGPT 3.5) to pass your topic content to the AI with a specific instruction. It then returns the content and allows you to preview the diff, seeing what has changed and inserting the modified text in place. By integrating directly with your project, Positron helps you use AI when and where you need it, without switching contexts or resorting to external tools.

To read the post, see First look at the Oxygen XML AI Positron Assistant.

Note: This is a sponsored post.

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