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Webinar: Let's talk API docs: a discussion about issues impacting documentation for APIs

by Tom Johnson on Dec 3, 2023
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I recently participated in a webinar called Let's Talk API Docs with Scott Abel, Mark Wentowski, and Kartik Balasubramanian on December 13 at 8am PST. The panel discussion covered a wide array of topics, such as limitations of autogenerated API documentation, security in API docs, tailoring documentation to user needs. We also discussed challenges such as standardizing API documentation as well as opportunities for improving the developer experience.

After signing into Brighttalk, you can watch the recording here.

Let's talk API docs webinar

Here’s the description:

Let’s Talk API Docs

Join us for “Let’s Talk API Docs,” a dynamic talk show dedicated to the intricacies and best practices of documenting Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Whether you’re a developer, technical writer, or API enthusiast, this show offers valuable insights and discussions on a range of vital topics.

Panelists for this show include: Tom Johnson (Senior Technical Writer at Google), Mark Wentowski (an veteran technical writing consultant with experience creating developer docs), and Kartik Balasubramanian (a London, England-based Director of Technical Documentation at financial technology firm, Beacon Platform).

“Let’s Talk API Docs” is a must-watch for developers, technical writers, and API enthusiasts, offering insights on crucial topics like:

  • Assessing autogenerated API documentation and its limits.
  • Tackling security in API docs, focusing on access control and privacy.
  • Tailoring API Docs to meet user needs.

Challenges we’ll explore include:

  • Standardizing API documentation.
  • Refining content models and search features.
  • Aligning docs with developer tasks.
  • Weighing design-first vs code-first approaches.
  • Implementing SEO in API documentation.

Opportunities we’ll discuss:

  • Innovating for better user experiences in documentation.
  • SEO strategies to make APIs more discoverable.
  • Creating developer-friendly documentation.
  • Using cognitive neuroscience for better design.

Plus, we’ll share top resources like classes, books, blogs, and insights from API Docs experts.

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