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Leadership Day: Hillary Hart, Austin Chapter
Leadership Day: Todd Race, Toronto chapter, Canadian Issues Group
Leadership Day: Dan Dornbrook, Chicago Chapter
Leadership Day: Melanie G. Flanders, China; Beau Cain, Director 8
Leadership Day: Paul Sinasohn, Berkeley Chapter, California
Leadership Day: Holly Harkness, Al Hood, and Howard Speck — Atlanta Chapter
Leadership Day: Rhevati Sampath and Wendy Tung, Berkeley Chapter, California
Leadership Day: Kelly Schrank & Lou Martindale — Mid-South Chapter in Memphis and Suncoast Chapter in Tampa
Leadership Day: Sue Kloster, Willamette Valley Chapter, Oregon
Three Things to Avoid When Doing Face-to-Face Podcast Interviews
Blog Carnivals and my 'Makes-Me-Smile Monday' Post
On My Way to the STC conference in Minneapolis
Graduating Kindergartener Asks Difficult Interview Questions
Creating Help in the Web 2.0 Age — Presentation by Neil Perlin
STC Atlanta Launches Podcast — Michelle Schoen Is Atlanta's Resident Podcaster