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Podcast site almost ready

by Tom Johnson on Sep 19, 2006
categories: technical-writing

I'm almost ready to announce our new podcast site. This weekend we'll make the final adjustments and then announce it on Tuesday. I'm hoping to launch with 5 solid podcasts.

Last weekend I interviewed Scott Abel of Content Management Pros. I tried to integrate music and everything, but realized in listening to the podcast that I didn't keep the microphone far enough away from my mouth during the interview, so while Abel talks you can hear my breathing and sometimes laughing, which makes me sound incredibly stupid. Also, my wife was baking brownies and the oven timer kept beeping.  You might think the beeps are coming from some electronic device near you, but nope, they're in the podcast.

Mark Lewis is still editing the knowledge management podcast. He's very detail-oriented and is putting in time notations between slides.

I am going to interview Mike Hamilton from Flare and put that podcast up probably before launching the site. Forrester says you're not supposed to launch a blog until you have about 12 posts already published. I can't see myself getting 12 podcasts, but eventually I'd like to be adding 5 per week. I can only do this if I solicit material from the entire STC. Soon everyone will be recording their chapter presentations, and where will they put them? I'm hoping to establish idratherbewriting as the predominant hub for all things related to podcasts. I also realize that there is no money in this. But it's a gap that needs to be filled. You never know what may come of these things.

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