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Online SIG links to TechWriterVoices

by Tom Johnson on Sep 28, 2006 •
categories: technical-writing

Ann Wiley just put a link to TechWriterVoices under the Online SIG Leads section on the Hyperviews site (part of the Online SIG). The online SIG ( is one of the coolest SIGs that the STC offers. It brings together people with an interest in new media tools, and there are about 2,000 members. My natural interests revolve around new media, such as blogs, podcasts, CMS, and the other thousand emerging web tools, so this is a perfect match.

What's in the pipeline for upcoming podcasts on I'm going to interview a tech writer in South Africa on Joomla -- a free CMS that is quite popular. I also want to interview someone who has implemented DITA, but it seems that there is more buzz on this topic than actual implementation. Mark Lewis of Hyperwriters just added a podcast on Knowledge Management, which is a presentation that Janet Foley gave at our chapter.

I'm also converting from Hot Recorder to "Pamela." What a name for a piece of software -- "Pamela." Apparently it integrates with Skype more and allows to adjust the volume of the other speaker. A few people wrote to say that the voices could be louder. I know, I know. It's just that if I made them any louder right now, there would be a thunder of white noise too. Pamela should fix that, I hope.

In just 2 days of launching the podcast, we already used 6.4 gigs of bandwidth. Bandwidth is measured by the number of megs downloaded from your site in a month. Globat (our host) provides a terabyte of bandwidth per month. That's 1,000 gigs. If you need another 1,000, it's only another 4 dollars. This is by far the best package on the net. Libsyn offers unmetered bandwidth, but only 100 megs of storage space, and you can't use Wordpress. I plan to grow idratherbewriting so that we crank out a new podcast every day.

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