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How To Create a Usable Index — Interview with John McGhie

by Tom Johnson on Oct 20, 2006
categories: podcasts

John McGhie, technical writer and Microsoft MVP from Sydney, Australia, explains how to create a usable index for your help material.

In this interview, John covers the following topics:

  • Deciding whether to create an index
  • Skills required to create an index
  • Steps in creating an index
  • Audience considerations in creating an index
  • Time required for creating an index
  • Pitfalls writers face when creating an index
  • Myths of the concordance file method for creating indexes
  • Strategies for entries and subentries
  • Methods for updating an index
  • Determining whether your index is usable

For additional information, see the following:

** To contact John, you can e-mail him at [email protected].

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