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Another Perspective on Single-Sourcing — Interview with Sarah O'Keefe

by Tom Johnson on Oct 23, 2006 • 0 Comments
categories: podcasts

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Duration: 34 min.

In this podcast, Sarah O'Keefe talks about how to implement single-sourcing, particularly for writers with medium-level reuse needs, such as those using RoboHelp and Word. Additionally, she discusses the resistance writers have to change, how to calculate business costs versus savings, and tool options for producing online help and print deliverables.

Specific topics in this podcast include:

  • Determining whether you need to single-source or not
  • Strategies for RoboHelp users who produce both print and online help
  • Avoiding the copy-and-paste method of reuse
  • Three solutions for medium-level reuse: Flare, AuthorIT, and Framemaker/Word with WebWorks ePublisher
  • Challenges for large companies such as airline industries
  • Helping authors cope with change
  • Pitfalls with single sourcing
  • Calculating business savings/costs of single sourcing
  • User habits for reading content online and in print
  • Conceptual shifts when writing for a single-source output

Links mentioned in the podcast:

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